a bit about me

First and foremost, I am a loving wife and a mum of three beautiful boys.  I am also a marketeer with 20 years experience.  I hold diplomas in marketing, social media, public relations, photography and freelance journalism.

Before children I worked as head of marketing for Clarion Events on major retail shows including Top Drawer, Pulse, Spirit of Christmas and House and Garden. My role included putting talented makers in front of top retail buyers, high net worth consumers, interior designers and journalists. My admiration and eye for all things handmade and handcrafted came from my time working on these shows.

Today, I love nothing better than visiting art fairs, craft fairs and open studios.  I can spend hours of happy time admiring the work of talented artists and makers.

But disappointingly, there are many wonderful artists and makers out there who can't necessarily afford to exhibit at the major shows.  Unless you know about and/or can make time to visit open studios or smaller art and craft fairs (of which there are hundreds) you will understandably, but sadly be unaware of their work.

Thus came the idea for treasure+keep - an edit of art, interior accessories, fashion accessories, jewellery, glass and ceramics handpicked from open studios, art and craft fairs. A blog where you can find out what's on, or if you can't visit, the latest news, trends and pick from these shows. And a website where you can buy affordable but beautiful pieces at the same time as supporting small scale businesses. A website where you can source handcrafted items that are thoughtful and not mass produced; works of art that are made to treasure and to keep.

Please keep on visiting to see what is new.

Antonia x