the story of treasure+keep

Home is where the story begins. Home is where our heart is.  A warm place to go to shelter from the outside world, to feel safe and secure, to relax and unwind.  But what makes our house a home? Our belongings and our loved ones.

What are our favourite belongings, the items that we treasure? Are they the items that have been given to us by loved ones or those that have been passed down from relatives now deceased? Or are they the items that we have found, discovered, unearthed in a place that is special to us?  What do these items have in common? They are unique, they are not mass produced, they are irreplaceable. They are items that we are thrilled to have found, that we wish to keep, to protect, to enjoy, to treasure and to pass on.

To collect beautiful things - art, illustrations, soft furnishings, ceramics, glassware and jewellery has become my passion.  To find special items to give to loved ones has become my pleasure - items that will be treasured forever.  And it is this type of keepsake I wish to share with you, keepsakes that are not necessarily found in a store due to their limited availability.

Throughout the year I visit some of the UK's most impressive design fairs, events and artist and maker's studios which are open to trade only, those in the know and those with time on their hands. These events are bursting with creative talent, new ideas and excitement with sumptuous arrays of carefully crafted, not mass produced art, illustrations, home accessories and jewellery.  I comb these events from top to bottom treasure seeking new talent, ideas and exciting objet.  

My mission is to share with you my absolute favourite discoveries. Through my website, I will share with you an edited selection of beautiful, original and special items to buy.  Through my blog and social media, I will provide you with a flavour of the new ideas, trends and discoveries that I unearth along the way.